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Green Meadows Preschool has been Columbia, Missouri’s premier early childhood educational center for over 32 years.

We provide fundamentally-structured child care and education for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. We also provide after-school and summer programs for school-aged children up to 12 years old.  We aren’t a chain of preschools, nor are we franchised or supervised from afar.  We are a warm and welcoming early childhood education preschool, locally-owned, family-oriented, with a professional and educated staff with a track record that spans decades. We invite you to tour our facility to see if we are the correct fit for your children.

We Co-Educate With You

Educating your child is a mutual endeavor shared between you and our staff. This is a partnership to co-educate your child with a needed emphasis upon his/her individuality. The task is not just getting beyond the present. Rather, the focus is to presently set a principled, thoughtful foundation for expression, and a basis of language and literacy skills. This elicits in your child a familiarity with future education, balanced understandings, and a basis for the potential of a lifetime filled with achievement.

Warm, Safe, Respectful & Loving.

Our warm, safe, respectful, and loving environment is just what we would hope for our own children and we want to attract parents seeking the same. We strive to identify and make the most of your child's: "teachable moments" during the moments these windows open and as they present themselves. Our curricula is developed and delivered by caring teachers to emphasize structure, patience, listening, speaking, reading, independence, problem solving, peer-play, cooperation, curiosity, decision-making, creativity, boundaries, fun, and attention.

Stop By Anytime!

Feel free to stop by with or without an appointment to decide if we're the right fit for your child's early education and care. We are situated in a quiet Columbia neighborhood located at 1000 W. Green Meadows Rd. in Columbia, Missouri 65203.

Green Meadows Preschool Summer Program

Our summer program begins in June. We welcome full and part time enrollments for students attending summer school. The summer program is designed to enlarge our students' world by exploring different cultures and histories. We also explore and exercise their minds using new and meaningful challenges through our use of: “Mini Society.” Mini Society engages children in an education that's not just fun, it expands their understanding of the world by introducing them to some of how the world is structured and how to operate within the same.

Activities Include

In June:

  • Let’s get acquainted
  • Bug fun
  • Under the sea
  • Wild , Wild, West

In July:

  • Mini Society!
  • Weekly Swim Play at Pirates Cove
Hop Scotch Green Meadows Preschool in Columbia Missouri

In August:

  • Olympic Fun
  • Trip to Forum 8 Movie Theater

Summer Learning FUN!

What better way to learn about the world around us than by jumping-in! Green Meadow's Preschool Summer Program puts the children into a fun adventure of learning and expanding their understanding of the world around them. We cover history and contemporary aspects using creative activities, books, and art.

Cultures & History

Each week brings a fresh start to dive into new concepts! The kids explore three areas of Art: Impressionism, Expressionism, and Realism. Studies of Ancient Egypt are explored through its art. The kids also enjoy discovering the ACTUAL histories of Pirates and Dinosaurs (as we understand them). The education proceeds as we get Lost in Space and go Under the Sea. You like to travel? Everybody becomes familiar with that all-important passport and then we're off to learn about the major landmarks of Paris, Australia, Greece, and Thailand. Our Miss Mine gives first-hand anecdotes about her homeland, Japan! And since everybody's onboard, why not check out those animals of Australia, Africa, and Indonesia? Just before heading back to school and while you're out there working, we'll be over here at GMP getting our fix with Olympics! There's always something exciting, and interesting happening in GMP's Summer Program. Don't you worry, we got this!

Mini Society!

The School age summer program implements a new program in July called: ”Mini-Society.” It’s an exciting hands-on unit designed to teach students about economics; it's also endorsed by the United States Department of Education. Students establish and name their own society, name and print their own currency, create and open a personal businesses, and establish their own government. The experience has your child engaged first-hand into the challenges and structure of entrepreneurship, economics, government, law, math, and ethics. In addition to subject-learning, students confront real-world paradigms that demonstrate the need and benefit of working cooperatively and actively. They are thrust into problem solving the issues, trying to find creative and sustainable solutions to the numerous problems in every society, and they finish the experience with a greater appreciation of not only how the world works, but also what you - their parents - face each and every day.


Activity Fee: ( One time fee, includes trip fees and transportation): $25.50

Optional Summer Activities:

  • Machers Swim School ~ Swimming skills are taught resulting in independence and responsible behavior in and around the water. Transportation is provided.
  • Gymnastics Express (the Gym Bus) ~ An introduction to the beginning basics of gymnastics. The hope is that through the experience in the Gym Bus, the children will learn to appreciate and have fun exercising and gain valuable beginning skills in gymnastics. The Gym Bus is onsite.