Parent resources revolve around the subjects of Goals, Standards, Admissions, Health information, Transportation, Attire, Field trips, Food, and Discipline.

Goals: GMP has many goals. One very important goal is to help our students become more aware of the satisfaction they find in all experiences that can be shared with others. Whether children are playing independently or side by side, preschool experiences are very meaningful for them because they are shared with a group of children. Our teaching goal is to understand and accept the child’s readiness for new experiences and help build self-esteem and confidence, security and a positive attitude with each new achievement.

Standards: Green Meadows Preschool, established in 1984, is licensed by the State of Missouri Department of Health and complies with all the standards put forth by that department. A Board of Directors, an Administrator, and a Center Director govern its operation. A degreed teacher or a teacher who has had a combination of childcare education and experience teaches each class.

Affirmative Action Statement: Green Meadows Preschool advertises in the public media in order to make openings known to all. Children are admitted regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin or religion. Handicapped or special needs children will be accepted on the approval of the Board, Administrator, and Director.

Admission: Green Meadows Preschool is licensed to care for children between the ages of six weeks to twelve years of age. Classes are filled on a first come first serve basis according to the date of enrollment. If classes are full when a parent calls, the child’s name will be put on a waiting list to fill vacancies as they occur. If a parent wishes to enroll their child and hold a space for a future date, the enrollment fee and one weeks tuition will be assessed as a deposit. Both are non-refundable. The one weeks tuition will be applied to the child’s first week of enrollment, but will not be refunded if the parent wishes to cancel the enrollment that was being reserved for their child as others have been turned away. As vacancies occur during the year they are filled from enrollments being secured with the enrollment fee and tuition deposit, with children on the waiting list,or from new registrations. Missouri laws governing child care providers’ state that we must receive within thirty (30) days of enrollment:

* A medical/health report (available at GMP) for each infant, toddler, or preschool child. This report must be completed and signed by your child’s physician. The parent(s) of school-age children must also provide a medical/health report that they can complete indicating their child’s health history along with any specialized care or current health problems or restrictions.

On your child’s first day of preschool you are required to supply:

  • A current copy of your child’s up-to-date immunization records.
  • A completed GMP enrollment packet including enrollment form and all enrollment information

At the time of enrollment, we do require a non-refundable enrollment fee. This fee secures your child’s enrollment into GMP on a mutually agreed upon date. This fee is separate from tuition and is collected on a per family, NOT a per student basis if enrolling more than one child from the same family at the same time. Siblings enrolled from the same family at a later date will be assessed the enrollment fee. Please be sure to complete the ENTIRE enrollment form, front to back. A space is provided for the names of those persons authorized to take your child from the facility. WE WILL NOT RELEASE YOUR CHILD TO AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON.

Please inform any AUTHORIZED person that they will be required to show a picture I.D. to our staff before being allowed to leave the facility with your child. A 4-digit code will be established for each individual including parent(s) who will be picking up or dropping off their child at GMP on a consistent basis. This will allow a parent or authorized individual to enter and exit the building through our security system.

Location: GMP is located at 1000 West Green Meadows Road. Please use the main entrance on the north side of the building between 6:30 am and 5:45 pm. You will be required to use your 4-digit code as a way to gain entrance into the center. This code will allow you to enter and exit the facility and it is recorded as a time clock indicating when your child was in attendance.

Days and Hours of Operation: The preschool is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 5:45 pm. Please not that although our opening staff may arrive before 6:30 am, they need this uninterrupted time for early morning preparation. Please understand that we cannot accept your child into care before 6:30 am.

We offer full-time enrollment only to students under the age of one year. Full and/or part-time weekly enrollment is available to children ages one through twelve years. GMP will be closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving and the following Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Should the holiday fall on a weekend, the school will be closed the Friday preceding or the Monday following said holiday. GMP always plans to be open on snow days. However, in the event the road conditions become so extreme that our staff is not able to make it to work, we have structured our tuition to allow for school closings. Please listen to your local radio/television stations for such GMP school closings when the weather is extreme.

Please be advised that tuition is set up in a standard, UNCHANGING WEEKLY RATE. We have already discounted for holiday and snow day closings by subtracting them from the 52 weeks and then dividing, thus producing lower unchanging weekly tuition rates. If the snow days are not used during the year, we WILL NOT make tuition adjustments; your weekly tuition rate will continue to remain the same.

Pick-up and Delivery of Children: For safety’s sake, and in accordance with the state licensing regulations, children must be dropped off directly in the classroom. Children must never be left in a classroom without a teacher/aide present. Parents are also required to return to the classroom to pick up their children at the end of each day.

Green Meadows Preschool is open 6:30 am to 5:45 pm, Monday through Friday. If a child is left beyond the 5:45 pm closing, with no prior arrangements made with the Director, a late fee will be assessed when the child is picked up.


Health Information: Each child is required by state regulations to have on file a health/medical form, which includes a record of up-to-date immunizations and a signature of the child’s source of medical care. If a child’s health/medical form is not complete within thirty (30) days of enrollment, the child will be excluded from the program.

An up-to-date copy of a child’s immunization records is required on the first day of preschool. Should your child have any additional vaccinations once enrollment has begun we will require a most recent copy of the child’s shot records. Each child who has not had a physical examination within the last year must have one within thirty (30) days of enrollment. A licensed physician or a public health nurse under the supervision of a physician may do the physical.

For those children with special care needs such as serious allergies, a doctor’s written specialized health care plan must be on file at the time of enrollment that describes the diagnosed allergy; symptoms to look for in the child; steps for staff to take if a child begins to have an allergic reaction including, but not limited to, medications to be administered in this situation. The child’s health care provider should update this specialized plan as needed.

The center must have on file for each child a signed Permission for Health Care (listed on the enrollment form) authorizing emergency care and transfer of medical records to one of the local hospitals. Emergency numbers for reaching a parent and/or guardian and another authorized person must also be on file and MUST BE KEPT CURRENT. If you are new to the area, we require that you identify a preference for a physician and hospital until a more permanent one has been chosen.

We also require, without exception, emergency numbers for reaching parents and/or guardians and another local authorized person who may be contacted in case of an emergency.

Illnesses: No child who arrives at the center, noticeably ill, and exhibiting any of the signs of illness outlined in the Missouri Department of Health Licensing Rules Manual, will be admitted into care for the day. These symptoms include, but are not limited to the following:

* A fever of 100 degrees F, or higher; an upset stomach associated with vomiting or diarrhea; an unexplained rash; itchy, watery eyes with a yellow discharge often associated with pink eye or conjunctivitis.

A copy of the licensing manual, for your review, is available in your child’s classroom and also at the front desk. A child sent home with one or more of these symptoms must be (symptom free) for a period of no less than twenty-four hours before returning to preschool. Exceptions to this policy will only be made if a child returns to preschool with written authorization from the child’s physician stating that the child is not contagious and may return to preschool before the twenty-four (symptom free) period has been met. Should a child become ill during the day, the parent will be notified immediately and is required to pick their child up within one (1) hour from the time the notifying call was made to the time of actual pick up.

In the event a child contracts a communicable disease/illness and exposes other children, notice of such exposure will be posted so that parents will be notified when they pick up or drop off their children.

If a child cannot FULLY PARTICIPATE in the daily preschool program, it is the responsibility of the parent to make other child care arrangements for that day.

In the case of a medical emergency, first aid will be administered by the staff. The parent or unauthorized adult will be notified as quickly as possible. If medical attention is required immediately, the staff will call the local ambulance service, which will transport the child to the local hospital. Every effort will be made to contact the child’s own physician.

Medications: Green Meadows Preschool shall administer only oral medication to children when requested by the child’s physician. All prescription medication shall be brought in their original, childproof container with the name of the medication, the name of the person for whom it was prescribed, the name of the physician, and the specific instructions for administering the medication. No medication shall be transferred between containers. With our infants / toddlers no medication shall be given to the child in the form of a bottle of formula without the GMP staff placing the prescribed medication with the specified dosage into the bottle at the time indentified for it to be administered.

Over-the-counter oral medications shall be administered with written authorization from the child’s physician. Again, medication shall be in its original container with the child’s name on it. The prescribing physician shall give written instructions as to the type of medication being administered, for how long and the correct dosage for the age/weight of the child. All medication is to be stored in the front office or in the staff refrigerator. Infant/toddler medications can be stored in the classroom in a secure area out of reach of the children. GMP WILL NOT ADMINISTER FEVER REDUCING MEDICATIONS OR THOSE MEDICATIONS WITH A FEVER REDUCER AS ONE OF THE LISTED INGREDIENTS. All medications administered will be oral in the form of liquid or pill/tablet. GMP staff cannot administer Nebulizer treatments. We ask that parents make arrangements to come to the facility to administer such treatments to their child as needed.

Attire: Parents are asked to send their child to GMP in play clothes and shoes that have totally enclosed toe (no sandals, please). Daily activities include active and messy play, and we want the children to feel comfortable. Please put your child’s name on all outdoor clothing, their (second) set of emergency clothing and other belongings to help ensure the return of all of their possessions.

Please note that GMP is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen articles. In addition, we are not responsible for clothing that may become, in some way, damaged or soiled during the normal preschool day. We do our very best to make sure each child has his/her own items and that they are kept in good condition. However, we do encourage parents to avoid dressing their child in (special clothing) or sending toys to preschool that would be missed, if lost, or upset if damaged.

Field Trips: Green Meadows Preschool schedules field trips through Little Darlings Limo, LLC and/or First Student Bus services for children four years and older. Parents will be informed of field trips in advance through special notices or classroom newsletters. Signed parent consent along with any fees associated with the trip are required in advance for your child to participate.

Meals and Snacks: The preschool serves a morning and afternoon snack and a hot lunch. Our kitchen staff prepares and serves a nutritious, well balanced, state approved, variety of foods. All of our selections are served with 2% milk or 100% fruit juice. Children under the age of 2 years will be served whole milk fortified with vitamin D for their meals or 100% fruit juice. Morning snack is served between 7:30-8:00 am; hot lunch is served from 11:00-11:45 am; and afternoon snack is served between 2:30-3:30 pm. If your child arrives at preschool after 8:00 am, we ask that you provide him/her with breakfast before coming to preschool.

For those children with food allergies we will ask that parents supplement menu items when the child’s diet is limited. For those with severe allergies we may ask that you provide an entire well-balanced meal for your child. We find that this is the easiest way to keep the allergen from children with severe allergies that are found in many foods.

With advance notice, children may bring special treats for their birthday or any other time during the year. Cookies, cupcakes and juice are typically easiest for the children to handle. Please check with your child’s teacher about age-appropriate snack choices, as well as, any food allergy that might be present in the classroom.

Please be advised that birthday gift exchanges are not allowed. However, we will be happy to provide you with a list of your child’s classmates if you wish to host a gift-exchange party outside of the center.

Discipline:  The discipline of young children is a sensitive topic where balance, trust, judgment, and understanding are important elements to respect.  Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children which allows adults to be happier, empowered, and more skilled in the interactions with children. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices. Love and Logic is our way of working with children that puts parents and teachers back in control, teaches children to be responsible, and prepares young people to live in the real world, with its many choices and consequences.

Giving positive verbal rewards encourages acceptable behavior. This reinforces a child’s positive feelings about behavior and serves as an easy and identifiable example to observing children who also want to receive high praise. When asking a child to stop and think about unpleasant behavior, it enables that child the opportunity to focus on self-control and adjust behavior using thoughtfulness. With our youngest students we find re-direction to be a very positive approach to get a handle on what may otherwise become unruly behavior. When a child is not cooperating during a group listening situation, the student is seated beside the teacher and reminded what appropriate behavior is for the setting. In the event this is not successful, distancing the child from the group to a,  “thinking spot” is the next option if one persistently demonstrates inappropriate behavior. A thinking spot is absolutely not a punishment, it’s an opportunity for a child to calm down, identify what behavior the teacher seeks, and determine the moment when ready to rejoin their group empowered with a better appreciation of acceptable behavior.
If a notable behavior problems persists, parents are asked to conference or discuss what may be helpful in motivating their child to more acceptably behave. It may be suggested that the child may benefit from a behavior modification program. Parent participation is critical for success in such a program. Professional behaviorial therapists are also available at no charge – parental consent and participation is required in these situations.  If problems extend an unreasonable duration of time without improvements, Green Meadows Preschool reserves the right to terminate enrollment if we determine they undermine the appropriate functioning of the classroom.

Biting: Biting is a common, but troublesome behavior for parents and caregivers to deal with. From time to time, biting incidents will occur at the center. Between the ages of one to two years (sometimes longer) children use the mouth to explore and learn about the world around them. They also have limited verbal skills during this stage. When biting behavior occurs, we handle it in a very specific manner. We comfort and care for the child who was bitten. We talk to the biter firmly and remove him/her from the group for an amount of time appropriate for his/her age.

An incident report is always written and shared with parents to alert them of this behavior. Should this behavior continue, we would work with each child on an individual basis. If needed, we will ask parents for their help in developing a (plan) for their child in an effort to eliminate this behavior. Should we find we are unsuccessful in our attempts to help the biting child and if we feel this behavior is intimidating to other children and consistently interrupts the normal functioning of the class, GMP reserves the right to terminate enrollment at the discretion of the Administration and the Director.

Absence: NO REDUCTION OF FEES will be made for any absences of your child from GMP on the days he/she is scheduled to attend. You are responsible for tuition for the enrollment space we have reserved for your child whether they attend or not. We cannot allow the switching of days to make up a part time child’s missed day. With the approval of the Director, we may allow additional days to be added on only if space and staffing are available.

Attendance Records: At the time of enrollment we will provide each parent with a 4-digit code to be used at the north entrance of the building. This 4-digit code will be entered in a keypad at the time of drop off to allow admittance to the building. This same 4-digit code will be used at the time of pick up. This coding in affords a safety element for your child. In addition, this information can be accessed regarding attendance records for each child to help us insure that we are providing an appropriate number of staff in the building that would reflect the number of students in attendance. Our teachers also maintain an attendance sheet in their classroom. Per state regulations any parent who has a child receiving state childcare subsidy assistance will be asked to sign-in and out on a designated clipboard to show written documentation of when the child receiving assistance was in care.

Confidentiality of Records: Children’s records are open only to the child’s teacher, the Administrator, the Director(s), authorized employees of the licensing agency, or the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian.

Withdrawal: When withdrawing a child from Green Meadows Preschool, a written statement must be submitted to the Director giving two (2) weeks notice. Parents are liable for two weeks tuition past the date of the withdrawal notice. If proper notice is given and you have paid beyond the two weeks, a refund will issued on the last business day of the month.

Naps: State licensing regulations require preschools to provide rest periods for children in full-time care. We take our rest period after lunch (12:30-2:30 pm). Our youngest children nap during this time. However, some of our older children prefer to just rest quietly on their cot. PLEASE BRING IN A CRIB SHEET (this is exactly the right size for our cots) AND A SMALL BLANKET FOR YOUR CHILD IF HE/SHE ATTENDS PRESCHOOL DURING NAP TIME. You are welcome to also send along a small pillow for your child’s comfort at naptime. The kitchen washes the crib sheets weekly. Please remember: your child’s blanket and pillow must be taken home each week for washing purposes.

Outdoor Recess: State licensing regulations require preschools to provide rest periods for children in full-time care. We take our rest period after lunch (12:30-2:30 pm). Our youngest children nap during this time. However, some of our older children prefer to just rest quietly on their cot. PLEASE BRING IN A CRIB SHEET (this is exactly the right size for our cots) AND A SMALL BLANKET FOR YOUR CHILD IF HE/SHE ATTENDS PRESCHOOL DURING NAP TIME. You are welcome to also send along a small pillow for your child’s comfort at naptime. The kitchen washes the crib sheets weekly. Please remember, your child’s blanket and pillow must be taken home each week for washing purposes.

What to Bring: On your child’s first enrollment day, you will need to bring all completed enrollment information including a copy of current immunization records, as well as, the following items:

Crib sheet and blanket with your child’s name, a favorite stuffed animal may be comforting at naptime. A change of clothing with your child’s name clearly marked with permanent ink. A small pillow if your child uses one at naptime. A sippy cup with a lid for infants and one year olds.

On your infant or toddlers first enrollment day, you will need to provide the following supplies:

Diapers, wipes, ointments, baby bibs, 2 crib sheets and a small blanket with your child’s name on it. Prepared (pre-mixed) bottles CLEARLY LABELED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME of formula, breast milk, or juice is requested. Any type of baby food including cereal or jar food again clearly marked for your child. We will supply all table food that is in accordance with our weekly menu. If your child has specific food allergies or dietary needs we will ask that you supplement food items for your child if they are unable to eat the school meals.

Toy Policy: In order to assure a safe environment for your child, we have set the following guidelines to help you decide what toys might be appropriate to bring to preschool.

Toys must be a least 3 inches in diameter to safeguard against choking. Please do not let your child bring toys made of metal or that have sharp or pointed edges. One item at a time is appropriate. Games with lots of small parts that can easily be lost or possibly swallowed should be saved for family time at home. Please leave candy, gum and coins at home. We also ask that all weapon type toys such as guns, swords, handcuffs, etc., remain at home. Please remember that our staff is here to focus their full attention on your child and they cannot spend time looking for lost items or attempting to repair broken toys. If your child would be upset if their toy was lost or broken, it should be left at home.

A Word about Separation Anxiety: Due to separation anxiety that generally occurs around seven or eight months (sometimes older students may experience this as well) we suggest that when parents leave the preschool, they establish the routine of kissing their child and saying Good-bye. By departing each day in a similar manner, parents can help children associate leaving and anticipate the routine return at the end of the day, saying: “I’ll see you later, have fun today! I’ll be back to pick you up this afternoon.” This will help your child learn the meaning of such phrases. We do not recommend that parents attempt to sneak away or leave and then come back to check on their child’s reaction. These situations only create more uncertainty and stress for the child.

Should you like to check to see how your child is dealing with your morning departure, feel free to call back to the center and our office staff will be happy to check on how your child has settled in to their morning routine.

Communication with Parents: Parents are informed of the activities of the preschool through the posting of the weekly curriculum in your child’s classroom and through monthly newsletters. The newsletter includes special events and classroom activities, as well as helpful information and suggestions for families.

Because of state regulations concerning class size and teacher ratio, it is not possible for children to change enrollment days without clearing a change of enrollment through the front office. It is important that you give us adequate notice of any enrollment change you wish to make. Parents are encouraged to visit the preschool at any time. Because of special activities or occasional field trips, advance notice is suggested, but not required. If the teachers are not free to talk to you, please understand that the children come first during class time. Please remember that this is your preschool and your child’s education. Come and find out what’s happening.