What’s nature’s best answer to facilitate early learning?  What should young children be learning?   As a parent, how can I better manage my emotions?  What’s my child discovering through the example I’m setting at this very moment?

Here are some links giving clarity to issues all of us want to better comprehend and be able to use.

Knowledge, understanding, and the disposition to seek both:  by Lilian G. Katz


Nature’s Answer to Early Learning:  Let the Children Play:  by Par Jane Hewes, PhD


Knowledge, understanding, and the disposition to seek both by Lilian G. Katz:
Dr. Laura Markham a Clinical Psychologist at Columbia University sounds three clear themes at Aha! Parenting:
1)  Regulating Our Emotions as Parents
2)  Connecting with Your Child, and
3)  Coach Instead of Controlling.

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