Start Early

Children start to learn the second they’re born, rapidly developing cognitive and social skills. So it’s essential to nurture their education at an early age, and in a loving environment. We recognize the value of early education and accept students as young as one year old.

Excellence in Education

Preschool age children are eager to learn, and they learn by doing. That’s why our preschool program stresses the importance of hands-on learning techniques that help build self-confidence and encourage children to explore the world around them in new ways. Our teachers provide plenty of individual attention to students with different needs, and parents are welcomed to be involved in every aspect of our program. In addition, our teachers create activities that combine fun and education to promote a love of learning in your child early on.


With a focus on social development, math skills and creativity, our curriculum provides children with the springboard they need for a successful transition into kindergarten.

  • Daily activities involve reading and writing exercises that support literacy.
  • Creative activities, such as finger-painting and collage-work, engage your child’s tactile promote physical development.
  • Group time is an important part of each day and “plays” a key role in developing social skills like speaking, listening and cooperation.
  • Math and Science skills are introduces in thematic units that encourage curiosity and provide practical applications in learning.

Start at 6 Weeks Old

We work with children starting at age 6 weeks. Our teachers plan the curriculum and submit it to the director for approval to move forward. The curriculum is age appropriate and we get 4 year olds reading ready so they are on target for kindergarten and beyond!